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Last Update: November 2021.

“Above all, video games are meant to just be one thing: Fun! Fun for everyone!”

Iwata Satoru

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All Platforms

Nintendo DS 154.02
Game Boy 118.69
Nintendo Switch 103.54
Nintendo Wii 101.63
Game Boy Advance 81.51
Nintendo 3DS 75.94
Famicom 61.91
Super Famicom 49.10
Game & Watch 43.40
Nintendo 64 32.93
GameCube 21.74
Nintendo Wii U 13.56
Super Famicom Classic Mini 5.28
Famicom Classic Mini 3.60
Color TV-Game (series) 2.00
Virtual Boy 0.77

Platform Details

Nintendo DS Lite 93.86
Nintendo Switch 81.68
Game Boy (estimated) 62.11
Game Boy Advance SP 43.57
Game Boy Advance 35.52
Game Boy Color (estimated) 30.81
Nintendo DSi 28.44
Nintendo 3DS 26.24
Game Boy Pocket (estimated) 25.77
Nintendo 3DS XL 19.64
Nintendo DS 18.79
Nintendo Switch Lite 17.87
Nintendo DSi XL 12.93
New Nintendo 3DS XL 12.26
Nintendo 2DS 10.50
New Nintendo 2DS XL 4.80
Nintendo Switch OLED 3.99
New Nintendo 3DS 2.50
Game Boy Micro 2.42
Virtual Boy 0.77